The Student Factor – Summer Rental Market Picking Up

Students getting all the best property?The rental market in London sees a pick-up in activity in August through to October. Due to the excellent schooling/universities in London, there is an influx of wealthy international students. Semesters normally commence in September/October.

And, when students are paying around £50,000 for annual tuition, an extra £15,000-£20,000 for somewhere to live can be seen as relative by parents.

What if you are looking to rent at this time and you are NOT a student?

Now, this is great for the London landlords. However, if you happen to be moving job or just relocating at this time, finding the right property to rent at a reasonable price is difficult. You will often hear agents saying that they are “no longer registering tenants” due to the shortage of property stock caused by the demand. It is also be normal to be shown only 2 or 3 properties before you “have to make up your mind” and put down a deposit.

So how can I help?

I can take control of your search. I have good relationships with estate agents and I can negotiate the best price and terms. And I can save you time and stress in the process. But before I do all of that, I am happy to have a chat – if you don’t know me yet, we should meet! Give me a call on 07946311002 so I can get you into your rental accommodation and you can “be the first through the door”.

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