Viewing a property? Here are three things to make it easier.

3 tips when viewing a property

As a property finder, over the years I have learned a few things that make the process of buying a property easier. In the spirit of sharing, I wanted to post this, to hopefully make your future viewings much more fun and far less stressful.

Make friends with the estate agent. Whatever the personality of the the Estate Agent, become their friend. These are the guys that will ultimately put your offer forward or take you to further viewings. You have to make them like you. And another tip – always send an email afterwards to let them know what you thought.

Do a little psychological searching. Hopefully if you are doing the first point, this will lead to finding the answer to the second. What is the motivation of the seller? Why are they selling? This can help gauge where to pitch your offer. With some friendly talk, the estate agent will open up and may just tell you.

Make a little movie. Second viewings are important – take someone with you. And film the property – you will probably spot something you didn’t notice before when watching it back.

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