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Astute Property Search - In the press

I am often asked to comment or give my views on the London Property Market.

These can be news, trends and insights.

Here are some of the articles that have quoted me.

Politics and Property – the Potential Corbyn Effect

Named in the Top 50 – Prime Movers 2018: The 50 Best Buying Agencies in Britain

Sunday Times – 6 months after my offer was refused, the property is still on sale”

House Beautiful Magazine – 11 stylish design trends that can actually devalue your home

What House Magazine – One to One interview with a focus on new build developments 

The Negotiator – My take on the post election property market

City AM (In the same article as The Prime Minister, is that a good thing?). 

City AM – Talking about leaving near outdoor swimming pools

City AM – The Americans are coming

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